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    Check out how Homeworkfor. Place an order. Start with the subject, topic and volume, specify the deadline and your academic level. Go to order form. He was very animate with faith. Faith is something that is supposed to be defined by the individual person. Whereas, Wiesel lost his faith in God, Several other Holocaust victims found their faith when they were undergoing through trials and tribulations.

    In order to accomplish this, a big group of people took part in tormenting and killing millions of Jews as well as other people who were regarded as socially unacceptable due to racism. The Nazi party decided to follow the notion that the Jews, Jehovah witnesses, Gypsies and also all disabled people were worthless and hence their presence would continue contaminating the Aryan race.

    As a result, devastating tortures and massacre were carried out against these people who were considered less human just because they never belonged to Aryan race Wiesel Racism is disparaging and destructive and can result to the most brutal and cruelest actions. The individual within Germany and Europe closed their eyes at the time to the inhuman occurrences that were taking place around them.

    Most of these people saw and were aware of what was happening but they felt powerless and helpless or feared for their safety and hence they did not take any action to help the Jews. Mass governments all over the world also turned their face against the helpless Jews.

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    Therefore, in this book, Wiesel made a commitment worldwide using his literally contributions. Whereas many people cringe at the stories told in the book, it is a wake-up call that people greatly need. Racism should be fought. Even within this century, genocide has continued to be element of the cruelty of humankind and this is aggravated by racism. When reading this book, I was so much touched and found myself not able to put it down. The word incredible kept coming in my mind when reading away.

    How such a young individual could have that much resolution and courage is difficult for me to even figure out. Even if prejudice and racism are somehow still in existence, I am very grateful for the life I have and what I learnt from this book about the negative and deadly impact of racism Riley After reading this book, I tried putting my in similar situation and imagined what it would be like if I was undergoing through such racism action. In case a Christian was in a similar situation as Wiesel, I am sure the effects would have been the same; actually any person in his shoes would question their beliefs at some point.

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    In case a Christian belonged to Nazi camp it is rational that they too would question why God was allowing racism to take root and as a result lead such devastating suffering Wiesel In this book, Wiesel illustrates the terrors he went through during holocaust when Nazis took over Hungary. Wiesel was still a teenager that time and that experience has been terrifying throughout his life. He wrote the book in mid fifties when Soviet Union was still vibrant and well, and if Germany never began the war it would have occurred with USSR.

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    There was a great deal of racism going on there too, and the mass would not be that difficult to rise against others. This shows that racism can be erased within our society completely as long as people have the will Riley Understanding the past allows people to build a better future.